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MD-S100 / Digital Door Lock

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MD-S100 / Digital Door Lock


  • Robust mortise lock
  • No need to carry any heavy keys
  • Random security code


  • Multiple passwords/Key Tag/Emergency Key available
    Up to 4 passwords and 30 Key Tag can be registered.

  • Low battery warning/emergency power supply
    A beep sound lets you know when to replace the batteries. When the batteries are discharged, the door lock can be operated using an emergency power supply.

  • Fire detection/Anti-hacking system
    When it detects abnormally high temperature indoors, the door lock automatically opens to make safe evacuation possible.


  • Random security code
    When entering your password, it prevents intruders from checking the fingerprint marks left.

  • Anti-theft system
    When the door is locked, it can detect forced entry and will emit a warning sound.

  • Disable the lost Key Tag
    If you lose your Key Tag, you can disable it to prevent others from using it.

  • In home security (Double-locking)
    When you are home, double-locking prevents unexpected unlocking attempts from outside.


Model MD-S100
Type Key Tag / Pin Code
(D x W x H)
Exterior: 17 x 66 x 172 (mm)
Interior: 39 x 152 x 99 (mm)
Material Al, Zn, ABS
Color Silver

* These specifications are subject to minor changes to improve product performance.